Larry the Lizard Pro-Jersey

Larry the Lizard Pro - Jerseys: Larry the Lizard Pro-Jerseys allow you to add your own sponsors, customize your name, sponsor logos, and design your very own Larry the Lizard Pro-Staff Jersey ADD $ 20.00 also Larger sizes will cost a little more. ($5.00 XXL, $10.00 XXXL, $15.00 XXXXL) Click on the Jersey Image at the Right - "wait seconds for the layout to appear, then start planning your sponsor layout now. Once you have ordered your Jersey, you will need to fill out the Jersey Layout Form, which will be sent to your email address, upon receipt of your order confirmation. All you will need to do then is complete the layout form, with all your sponsors listed in the area you have selected, and return your completed layout design, via email to us. As a side note: There are a million and one logos to choose from, so to expedite your order, it is always best to provide us with your selected logos, as an attachment with your completed layout form. Jersey material is Birdseye - a breathable blend to keep you cool when its hot, and warm when its cold.
Larry the Lizard Pro-Jersey
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