10" Pro-Tour Rattlin Worm: 6 ct. pack

10 Inch Pro-Tour Rattlin Worm: Selection color 6 ct. Packs This is the Pro-Tour Rattlin Worm - Designed by Larry the Lizard. It is a Power Worm/ Trick-Worm/ Finesse-Worm, all combined into one, with the addition of the Rattlin Chamber System. It just simply works. Drop-Shot, Texas Rig, Carolina-Rig, Wacky, Weedless Weightless, it just works. The addition of the 4mm glass Rattlin Chamber System into the bait, is just like ringing the dinner bell. Now Go out and "Get Your Arm Broke!" Black Blue Bloody Fork Blue Fleck Watermelon Red Rayburn Red Green Pumpkin/Chart Motor Oil/Chart All of the baits in the product line are made of 100% American floating super soft, yet very strong and durable plastic with a garlic base sent, and have the addition of a 4mm glass rattle chamber system that is built into each bait makes the bait the superior product in its category. These baits are specifically designed to create a distress signal that will attract not only aggressive fish, but in-active and suspending fish into taking the bait.
6" Rattlin Larry the Lizards: Bloody Fork 7 Ct. Pack / White 7 ct. pack
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